12.12 Is Coming And Here’s What I’m Buying with my PayMaya

Ah yes, we are once again in that season of spending our hard earned money this coming 12.12. And I for one am pretty excited to get those discounts for the accessories I’m eyeing this coming sale season. I’ve actually missed a few good ones during 11.11 so I’m hoping to get what I missed this time around.

Here are the items I’m eyeing to get this coming 12.12!


  • Product Name: Nyko Wireless Core Controller (Purple/White)
  • Price: 1,555 php
  • From: Game One PH
  • Link

Having experienced the Nyko Wireless Core Controller (purple one) when I purchased mine a few months ago, I’ve seen the value and bang for your buck worth of having a separate core controller for the Switch.

Nyko’s Wireless Core Controller line is pretty solid as a third party controller for the console. And considering that it’s part of Game One PH’s 12.12 sale and is in Purple and White, it’s pretty much part of my purchase list.

Joycon Chargers

  • Product Name: HyperX Chargeplay Quad
  • Price Range: 1,895 php
  • From: Game One PH
  • Link

One of the biggest and most important things for a Switch user is to have your Joy-Cons charged and ready to go. This comes pretty handy especially during the Christmas season with my cousins coming over to play games with us.

That’s why I’m getting the HyperX Chargeplay Quad Charger for the Nintendo Switch this 12.12. While the discount isn’t huge, having it priced at 1,850 php over the 1,895 php is still a discount.

Button Cap Set

Ever since I bought the Skull & Co. Grip Set + Maxcarry Case last 11.11, I’ve been a big fan of the Skull & Co. brand. Not to mention, adding a bit more bling to my Nintendo Switch is one of those vain things I’d like to do to my console of choice.

So having the cap set to make the Joy-Cons look more like old-school controllers is the next logical thing I’d be purchasing.


These are just some of the things I’d be eyeing to get this 12.12. While I can always get them from their physical stores (except for Tech Smart’s), I’m planning on getting them on their Lazada store. Not only is this convenient, I also get tons of cashbacks and discounts when I use my PayMaya card to pay.

With my aversion to credit cards and the desire to be responsible in my purchases (I did say desire not that I haven’t fallen into unwise spending), PayMaya offers you a virtual card that you can use as long as you have your card loaded with 100 php or above. And I’ve been able to use it even during 11.11. I have the option to load the exact amount for my purchases either through my mobile banking app (in my case, BPI) or 7-Eleven, which is another good (and smart way) of being responsible with my expenses.

Getting the cashbacks PayMaya offers for purchasing online is also another reason why I love using it for my payments. By using PayMaya, you get 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback on purchases of at least 500 php online and in-stores via the virtual card or actual card.

You can also enjoy an additional one-time cashback of 150 php when you spend at least 5,000 php using your account. To add to that, they also have a discount of 30% with a max of 150 php on Lazada when you spend at least 500 php for this coming 12.12 (which they also had back in 11.11). Just redeem the PayMaya voucher at the Lazada app and you’re good to go!

With these insane cashbacks and rewards, you can bet that I’m never going back to paying via COD again. Paying via PayMaya is not only convenient, it also saves you more money, which is really more rewarding that paying with cash. So for your holiday shopping, don’t pay cash. PayMaya.

You too can get these rewards! Just sign up and use my code: uionwj to instantly earn 50 php on your account. To learn more about PayMaya offers, head here.

So there you have it. Yes I’m going to pretty much be busy with the upcoming 12.12 sale and I may have more stuff to add to cart considering that I haven’t been able to truly delve into the sales we’ll be getting this 12.12.

What would your purchases be this coming 12.12? I’d like to hear a sound off in the comments!