DAGeeks stands for Digital Analog Geeks and is a blog dedicated in bringing the latest news, reviews, and opinions about pop culture, gaming, and anything geeky happening locally and internationally. We believe that as geeks we can add value to the world in our own unique way.


DAGeeks vision is to add value to the world by being a geek.


To add value to the world by reporting about geek related topics for both local and the international scene. The blog also aims to add value by also spearheading and providing content that help further inform non-geeks about our geekdom and to reach out through our interests to those who may need them.

The blog is open to advertising and paid posts and you can contact us at this email: haoson@dageeks.com

Here’s the team:


Former owner/writer of Back2Gaming. A big fat nerd since he was old enough to understand what words are. A Writer for OnRPG. Catch him: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail, DAGeeks Twitch Channel
Otaku/Geek, Music-lover, Tree Hugger, Thrill-seeker, Spare time Poet, INFP, Writer, Caffeine Junkie.
I'm a gamer in the broadest sense of it, I play video games and tabletop games.
A dabbler in board games and tabletop war games. A storyteller and table-top roleplay gamer. A fan of comics, anime/manga, and video games. An avid reader of science-fiction, fantasy, and alternate history. A bit of a writer. A man in the business of retail and commercial development. A single Chinese-Filipino in his 30s. A follower of Jesus Christ.
[Love] is an ever-fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken. - William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116
This is the tale of Captain Sven. No, he’s not the reindeer or the hair clinic. Cap’n Sven may be the ninja of the group, but he is also an angry nerd with a love for movies, cartoons and anything that screams nostalgia. A graphic artist by day and a geek at night, Sven is a huge fan of RPG, Dr. Who, anything Marvel and did I mention nostalgia toys? JACK SPARROW This is the real life and not just a fantasy and it is like a box of chocolates towards the mystic quest of life. So, may God give you strength to infinity and beyond.
He enjoys breaking fighting games, B-movies, and long walks in the beach.