Canon releases the EOS 90D and M6 Mark II

Canon recently unveiled its two new flagship models that cater to both DSLR and mirrorless users. The EOS 90D offers high-speed yet comfortable shooting with its optical viewfinder and intuitive controls. Meanwhile, the EOS M6 Mark II offers superb image quality and fast shooting in compact form.


The new EOS 90D boasts of a 32.5 megapixel sensor and a Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus which generates up to 5,481 AF positions, which aids in the capture of crisp and focused images. The low-intensity limit of up to EV -5 and ISO sensitivity of up to 51,200 allows for vivid images even in dark environments. A live view of up to 11 fps and shutter speeds of maximum 1/16,000 sec enables the shooter to not miss any moment. For its video capabilities, shooters can capture video in 4K 25p/30p, cropped or un-cropped. It also has a high-frame rate of 120p and 100p in full HD.

Shot with the Canon EOS 90D

The EOS M6 Mark II, on the other hand, has the latest DIGIC 8 Image Processor coupled with the 32.5 megapixel sensor to ensure vibrant and detailed images. Like the EOS 90D, it also has 4k video, Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus, and a low-intensity limit of up to EV -5. What set the M6 Mark II, however, is its 30 fps continuous shooting in RAW burst mode, allowing users to not miss a beat when taking moving subjects, such as with pets and jump shots.

Shot with the EOS M6 Mark II

Both units connect to the Canon Camera Connect app, which gives seamless connection to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for fast sharing to devices and social media platforms.

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