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Online shopping has been on the rage in recent years with the arrival of not just Lazada, but it’s more aggressive competitor, Shopee. While most of these apps cover a lot of brands and products in their online store front, there have been a few that focused on certain products.

One example is Zilingo, a mostly lifestyle-focused shopping app, which I was able to check out the past week.

Currently, the app has these ff. brands:

    • Havaianas
    • Straightforward
    • Strip it!
    • Tans
    • Neree Jewelry
    • Hey Candy
    • Eyemarie

To name a few.

One of the things that I liked in lifestyle focused apps is that they look really nice and clean. And browsing through the Zilingo app is no different.

Everything you need to see can easily be seen on the storefront. Whatever is being featured can easily get your attention and easily reachable with just a tap.

Catalogs are easily stacked when browsing and you can easily find everything in the screen. The pricing and the name is easily seen on the screen so browsing is pretty convenient.

While I personally don’t have a pretty extensive experience when it comes to lifestylle shopping apps, my experience with the Zilingo app is not only satisfying, but also a fun one. For someone like me who’s a newbie to this kind of app I liked how everything is easily seen in one screen. For someone like me this is a plus.

I like most with the app is that I can easily find products by gender and or age. This is one of those features that I never saw in other apps (which I visited casually), this keeps browsing for products for specific people (if I’m shopping as gifts), or myself.

The overall UI is intuitive so if you’re someone who’s not familiar with these kind of apps, the Zilingo UI is pretty impressive to say the least. I can say that the app’s design is pretty well thought off and have the audience in mind. If there’s anything else to say about the app, the UI app design pretty much made it more fun and convenient. I can easily come back to the app and shop in this if I find a product I’d be interested in what the app contains.

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