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The Malaysian team M8HEXA is heading to the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2019 and representing our region in the upcoming finals for the mobile game.

M8HEXA will be fighting against the eight other regions which are Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, America/Europe, Mainland China, and newcomers, Japan. In fact, this is the first time Japan is participating in an AOV international tournament since the game introduced their Japanese server in November 2018. Representing teams were selected via their region’s qualifier process.

This year’s AWC 2019 will have a total prize pool of 500,000 usd, with a cool 200, 000 usd for the champion, a 110,000 usd for the first runner-up and the 50,000 usd for the 3rd and 4th placed winners.

This AWC 2019 will also introduce the Global Ban Pick mode starting from the knockout stage onwards. This new rule will not allow the same hero to be played more than once in a game within the same team. Heroes that were used by the team in the previous match are automatically banned in their remaining matches during the same game. This mode aims to increase gameplay and hero pick diversity in the tournament.

While the venue and the participating teams have been announced, we still don’t have the exact date for the AWC 2019.

Garena AOV can be downloaded through the Google PlayStore for Android users as well as through the Apple App Store for iOS users.

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