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While not really a top priority for me, but normally, I never got myself interested in a Smart TV cause I never really watch television anymore. With the onset of streaming services, I’ve found myself I watching TV less and less. So the next best reason for me to get a TV (at all) is mostly due to connecting a console to it, and that’s  pretty much what I did with XTREME’s S Series MF-4300s TV.

Initial Impressions

The XTREME MF-4300s has your typical bells and whistles that you’d expect from a Smart TV which are namely, app access to Netflix and YouTube, USB ports where you can run media on the TV, and even a Lan port where you can have the internet connect directly to your router (if you don’t want to connect via Wi-Fi).

The TVs Back Panel

Setting up the TV on it’s stands isn’t really hard to do, and everything is easily understandable to setup. As long as you have basic logic and knowledge on how things work you’re pretty much set with the MF-4300s.

Visual Quality

The visuals on the MF-4300s are good. Watching Netflix and YouTube videos on the TV doesn’t hurt the eyes too much. There’s a bit of color fade for videos considering that the TV uses an IPS Panel but overall.

Here’s a screenshot of a full screen video YouTube from Necrit

However, there is color degradation whenever the screen has to show single colors for an extended amount of time whenever I was watching shows on Netflix. This was apparent when watching shows that uses a lot of solid colors for longer duration such as shows like The Witcher. On the other hand, there’s no color degradation when it comes to Switch games, but, the color is still washed.

Sound Quality

On the sound department, the MF-4300s isn’t too shabby. The TV’s sound bar, made by Pure Sound is able to dish out quality sounds even if it’s at the highest volume or the lowest. You don’t have the bass break up even on the more bass heavy shows.

This is also apparent even on games on the Switch which the speakers provide quality sounds. They’re not on movie quality levels, they’re good enough for someone who wants a more solid TV without spending on a sound system.

Nintendo Switch Experience

Pokemon Camp in Pokemon Shield

Considering that the only console I had on hand was the Nintendo Switch, I to put the Smart TV through it’s paces. And the Smart TV did not disappoint. The color wash of the games is pretty ignorable. There is no delay on the inputs nor the sound output from the console so overall it’s something that I’d like to have around to plug my Switch in.

Bomberman R

You can see the monitor clearly at most viewing angles and is pretty helpful if you’re playing with more than one person. That’s why the MF-4300s is the perfect budget friendly 43″ Smart TV for the Switch especially if you have have friends coming over and play couch party games.

Final Words

Overall, the XTREME S Series MF-4300s TV delivers the promise it has and then some. However, if there’s one nitpick I have for the Smart TV is that you still have to go through the motions of closing either Netflix or YouTube before you can switch to the other. I personally would’ve wanted it easier to switch between the two, but then that’s just a minor comment.


Considering the price of other Smart TVs on the same size, XTREME offers the MF-4300s at a lower price range. This is pretty good considering the features that the MF-4300s has. The XTREME S Series MF-4300s TV can go toe to toe even with the more known and expensive Smart TVs.

If you’re looking to grab a 43″ Smart TV that provides not only a solid performance with a price range that won’t break the bank, XTREME’s MF-4300s is a solid choice.

You can check out the Xtreme S Series MF-4300s TV at XTREME‘s fanpage.

XTREME S Series MF-4300s TV
Visual Quality85%
Sound Quality80%
Price Range100%
Ports and Port Position90%
Promise Delivered100%
The good
  • Solid sound delivery
  • Affordable price
  • It has Netflix and YouTube installed
The Bad
  • Color washing
  • You need to close the app before you can switch between streaming services
91%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)
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