7-Eleven Philippines Launches Justice League Spinners Along with Spinner Heroes

7-Eleven has invited various media and bloggers to the launch of their latest line of Justice League themed spinners to hit their stores.

If you’re not familiar with the promo, you need to collect 25 stickers. or register to the CLiQQ Rewards app and collect only 20 e-stamps. One sticker or e-stamp is earned when you buy 50 php worth of products at 7-Eleven. You automatically get  stickers/e-stamps when you buy booster products which you can check out the booster items on the 7-Eleven website. Also, the spinners come in blind packs just like in TCG gamess just to make things interesting.

Along with the release of the newest design, the media launch also introducing an online contest. 7-Eleven is also launching a spinner contest online. The online contest features Spinner Heroes like Liui Aquino, Eunice Jorge, Paolo Valenciano, and Saab Magalona. Currently, the details for the contest isn’t specified yet, but based from what I gathered during the launch, I;m guessing it has something to do with their Spinner Heroes move which each hero has.

While some details are still not released, you can check out the 7-Eleven Philippines fanpage. The promo runs until November 21, 2017.9