Ragnarok Online Philippines Sets Up Special Q&A Tomorrow

After the “successful” Ragna Festival that happened last Sunday at SM North EDSA Annex. Elite GSL, Electronics Extreme and Gravity were still keeping mum on a lot of the pertinent info people were expecting to get from the event.

With the only info we were all privy to was the “better” security of the game and a more community focused push for all companies involved.

We were, however given word that all of our lingering questions will be answered tomorrow morning as a special Q&A session will be happening and I’ll be on site to attend the event. To keep yourself in the loop you can head to our Twitter account and follow us as I’ll be updating the information as I get them!

Also, if you have your own questions we’d like to hear them and will probably ask them on the Q&A tomorrow as well! You can leave them here in the comments section or better yet, join our group so we can collect them in one place!

Yeah guys! It’s Really happening!