Everything You Need to Know About Globe Conqueror’s Manila 2018

Announced last April 19, 2018 during the Globe Gaming event hosted by Globe Telecom, the upcoming Globe Conqueror’s Manila will be the Southeast Asian “premiere league” for SEA teams to try and take part in the global stage for League of Legends.

Being a big event as it is for the game, here’s a rundown of what you need to know about the upcoming Globe Conqueror’s Manila 2018 and how important it is not just for the country, but for the region.

Champion Will Go to Worlds

I guess this goes without saying that whoever becomes the champion of the Globe Conqueror’s Manila will earn the right to represent the Southeast Asian region for the upcoming League of Legends Worlds 2018 that will be held in South Korea.

Regional Tournament

Globe Conqueror’s Manila will be a regional tournament. This means that five countries, namely, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and of course the Philippines will be represented. Each country will have the ff. seats for the group stage of the Globe Conqueror’s Manila Format:

  • Philippines: 1st and 2nd seed
  • Malaysia: 1st and 2nd seed
  • Thailand: 1st and 2nd seed
  • Indonesia: 1st seed
  • Singapore: 1st seed

The seeds for the tournament will be given to the winners of the national qualifiers which will happen within the month of July.

Globe Conquerors Manila Format

The last leg of the event will last from August 13 – August 19, 2018 and will have the Group Stage, Semifinals and Grand Finals:

The group stage will last from August 13 – 16 while the semifinals will be one day, which is on August 18, 2018, the first day of Globe Conqueror’s Manila 2018. Meanwhile the Grand Finals will happen on the 2nd and last day of the Globe Conqueror’s Manila event on August 19, 2018.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool for Globe Conqueror’s Manila is a whopping 250,000 usd with the breakdown:

  • Champions: 100,000 usd
  • 2nd place: 50,000 usd
  • 3rd place: 25,000 usd
  • 4th place: 25,000 usd
  • 5th-6th place: 15,000 usd
  • 7th-8th: 10,000 usd

Globe Conqueror’s Manila is making sure that the event will make it worthwhile for those getting into the main event.

Globe Conqueror’s Manila Date and Venue

As announced, the Globe Conqueror’s Manila Main Event will happen on August 18 – 19, 2018 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Globe Conqueror’s Manila Side Events and Schedule

Since it seems like Rampage will not happen this year in exchange for Globe Conqueror’s Manila, that’s why we’re seeing that the other staple Rampage side events will happen during the two-day event which are:

  • Celebrity Showmatch 3
  • Band Performances
  • Cosplay Clash
DAy 1 - August 18Day 2 - August 19
10:00 A.M. Opening12:30 P.M. Opening
10:15 A.M. Semi-final #1 (Best-of-5)12:45 P/M/ Cosplay Clash
3:55 P.M. Celebrity Showmatch (1 game)1:30 P.M. Band #1
5:10 P.M. Semi-final #2 (Best-of-5)2:15 P.M. Opening of Finals
10:50 P.M. Closing2:30 P.M. Finals (Best-of-5)
8:10 P.M. Awarding
8:25 P.M. Band #2

Globe Conqueror’s Manila Ticket Sales and Door Gifts

Currently tickets for the Globe Conqueror’s Manila 2018 Main Event is now being sold with the prices at:

  • Inner Ring: 1,000 php
  • Middle Ring: 500 php
  • Outer Ring: 150 php

Tickets are sold per day and there are no bundles for the two days. And for the 1st day of the event will have the ff. door prizes:

Day 1: Door Gifts

  • Deep Sea Nami skin (inner ring, middle ring, outer ring)
  • Black Alistar (inner ring)
  • Globe Conqueror’s Manila 2018 Shirt (inner ring, middle ring)
  • League of Legends Lanyard (inner ring, middle ring, outer ring)
  • Garena Cap (inner ring)

Day 2: Door Gifts

  • Conqueror Karma skin (inner ring, middle ring, outer ring)
  • Team Spirit Anivia (inner ring)
  • Runes Reforged Jacket (inner ring)
  • Captain Fortune Mousepad (inner ring, middle ring, outer ring)
  • Garena Cap (middle ring)

Globe Conqueror’s Qualifier Details

For the complete details of the tournament and if you want to take part as a team, you can check the details here. And for the whole details for the main event, you can check here. And if you want to purchase the tickets for the event you can check it out here.