What I’m Most Excited about from The Nintendo Direct Mini

It came as a surprise to most of us, but Nintendo had a Mini Direct last March 26, 2020, featuring short updates on games and DLCs slated to release this year.

The ones I am most excited to arrive in no particular order are Animal Crossing Bunny Day, Trials of Mana, Bravely Default 2, Arms x SSBU, Isle of Armor expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Ninjala.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be getting its first update soon this April 1-12 where a certain bunny will be visiting each player’s islands and having them search for easter eggs either in the ground, the water, maybe even in the trees. Players will be able to craft limited time offer items during this time. There was another update said to happen later that month as well, but no other information has been shared about it, other than it is for Earth day.

Trials of Mana, another great RPG from the SNES, remade for the Switch. The game has been announced to be released this April 24, 2020, and a demo has been made available in the eshop as well.

Speaking of RPGS, Bravely Default 2 was also featured in the direct. 4 new heroes; Seth, Gloria, Elvis, and Adelle will team up to fight against the evils of this world. Players will be able to mix and match jobs as main jobs and side jobs creating their own unique party and playstyle. Just like Trials of Mana a demo is available now on the eshop.

This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news has been one everyone’s been waiting for, the first fighter of the 2nd battle pass. The fighter isn’t known other than they will be coming from the ARMS Switch game. My guess would be Spring Man, as he is the first character on the roster. An update will be made later this June, which will be the month he releases as well. In related news, ARMS has been made free for NSO subscribers this March 26 to April 6.

SSBU isn’t the only one getting news on their upcoming DLC. Pokemon Sword and Shield earlier this year announced 2 expansions Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra. During the Mini Direct, they gave more info on the Isle of Armor. Players’ Starter pokemon will be getting a Gigantamax form; Rillaboom gets Drum Solo, Cinderace gets Fireball, and Intelleon gets Hydrosnipe. Each of these will ignore the ability of the target pokemon, making for an attack not to be looked down upon. Apart from the starters getting Gigantamax forms, more information about Kubfu was announced, the one I think most people liked was that they get the choice in what typing of Urshifu he evolves into, depending on which tower they choose to bring him into.

The Last of these updates that got me most excited was Ninjala, a battle royale fighting game. Players will take control of their very own Gum Ninja. wielding katanas or hammers players will fight it out in arenas until there is one left standing. Run up walls, use your gum ninjutsu, as long as you win to determine who is the better ninja. The art style and gameplay reminded me of Splatoon when it first came onto the scene. But best of all its free to play.