Mobile Card Game, Vanguard ZERO Now Available for Android and Apple Platforms

Vanguard ZERO, Bushiroad‘s newest mobile card game was recently released on the Android and iOS markets.

As a mobile equivalent for the physical card game, Vanguard ZERO brings in familiar gameplay features from its physical card game counterpart, Cardfight!! Vanguard but with a twist to further quicken the game (or prolong depending on your playstyle).

These are the list of features for the game:

  • Game Areas
    • Home – Set in Card Capital, the home area provides you the opportunity to claim presents, missions, information, unlocked stories, and character fight.
    • Fight – Fight area allows you to fight against in ranked and friend matches
    • Card – The card area is where you will create cards and decks
    • My Room – the more chill area of the game where you will manage your very own room with your unlocked character hanging out
  • Story Mode
    • The game follows the story of the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime up until the Psyqualia arc

Bushiroad reports that there were able to hit 50,000 pre-registered players so that they will be given 20 booster packs.

You can check out the official Vanguard ZERO website or check out the Vanguard ZERO official social media accounts, Facebook fanpage, or Twitter account.