Ayala Museum Uses Animal Crossing Customization Feature to Teach About Regional Clothing

It’s as if we don’t learn already from Blathers and Celeste.

With the means to actually get people’s attention to listen and learn about things is getting harder and harder to do, it’s interesting to see that the Ayala Museum is getting in on the creative means to teach about Philippine regional culture through the use of Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ customization feature.

In this post posted three hours ago, the Ayala Museum fan page shared outfit codes for people to download that’s taken from the museum’s textile collection. For this set, they have shared the Bagobo Warior Shirt, the Tinangkulo, the Yakan Skirt, Inalaman.

The post also shares more designs that people can base on if they are (like me) more of a person who’d like to work on their own designs.

I am personally hoping they release more of this and I’d actually be getting these codes once I can get back in-game. For those who have just started playing the game, you can get them once you have access to the Able Sisters clothing store in the early-mid parts of your game.

More power to the Ayala Museum for educating this way, and I really hope that the person who’s in charge for this gets a raise.