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DC Worlds Collide Announces What Am I? Event

DC Worlds Collide, will have the What Am I? event on March 3.

Batman is facing against one of his more cerebral villains, The Riddler.

Riddler vs. Batman

The What Am I? event will focus on the rivalry between Batman and The Riddler, who is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Caped Crusader. The clues to his riddles are hidden in the world of DC Worlds Collide, and players need to collect the objects relevant to the riddles in order to form the ultimate answers. Following the recent launch of the open beta test on Android devices in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, players in these regions will soon be able to join this thrilling event and earn prizes in-game.

DC Worlds Collide In-game

Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC, DC Worlds Collide is an idle card game that offers a brand-new experience to enter the DC Universe. Evil has descended upon the Earth as the Crime Syndicate from DC in another dimension invades in a bid to take over the world. Players must stand up with Super Heroes and Super-Villains who have joined forces to take back their shared planet.

DC Worlds Collide Characters

Unlocking battles of various modes in Convergence Crisis, Elseworld, Warworld, Adventure Earth and Crisis Watch will enable you to discover intriguing stories and action-packed interactions between iconic allies exclusively in DC Worlds Collide.

DC Worlds Collide Map

Also remember to dive into Character Origins, the story mode which not only recreates the origins of Super Heroes and Super-Villains but also offers you the opportunity to win rewards through mini-games.