Brave Exvius Collaborates with Final Fantasy VIII for Fan Festa 2018

From today up to August 16, the popular mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, by Gumi, Inc. has announced their collaboration with Final Fantasy VIII. That’s right, you can work together with SeeD, the elite mercenary group, to defeat powerful enemies and gain awesome prizes. Players will be able to summon or even fight along side Squall, Rinoa, and my favorite from the Final Fantasy VIII game, Zell. Squall, and Rinoa have been updated for the global release of the collaboration, how? I’m not sure you’ll just have to check the game itself. Of course the collaboration doesn’t end on just summons, the game will also be featuring a FF-VIII dungeon for players to earn additional rewards, which will be made available this August 8.

For more info on the collaboration you can visit their Facebook page here.

With the recent introduction of 7 star unit upgrades, certain units can now be made even more powerful. By meeting certain conditions, players can now upgrade their favorite characters like Lightning, Dark Knight Cecil, Luneth, Orlandeau, Gilgamesh, Olive, Seabreeze Dark Fina, Dark Fina, Wilhelm, Marie, Ramza, Delita and more to come soon to 7 star.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fan Festa 2018, which will be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of FFBE is happening this December 8-9, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Tickets for the event will be available for sale at 12nn PST today via the Showclix page. Event updates and further information is available here.