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If you’re a parent who has a child dreaming to becoming a pro player, you may want to check out this video that came out during REV Majors 2019.

The video titled, Local Heroes – AK focused on our Tekken representative in the upcoming 30th SEA Games Esports Event and how he, and his family dealt with AK being a professional Tekken player.

Local Heroes – AK

Fueled by passion for the game, powered by the support of his family, meet the Philippines' very own AK.#REVMajor2019 #DoItAgain

Posted by REV Major Philippines on Saturday, 28 September 2019

AK started really young, and due to circumstances outside his power, he eventually stumbled into the whole Tekken world as a prodigy and in fact a player that can not only compete locally, but also globally.

One of the things that really jumped at me during the video is how AK became successful not just because he had talent. But he was supported by his family all throughout his adventure quest to be the best.

I love how AK‘s dad said this during the video:

Just support them and let them feel that you love them. There should be no condition to love and support your child. Then I don’t thin they’ll lose their way.

This was in reference to him eventually becoming AK‘s coach, and seeing the potential in his child as a player.

That’s when I realized that he really had the skills. They just needed to be developed

So what does it mean? Does it mean if you see your child competing in esports tournaments do you have to support him/her always and all the way? Of course not. It only means that you really need to pay attention on your child’s skill level and see if he has the potential to pursue his dream as a pro player.

One of the biggest concerns I’ve seen and faced while covering esports events is the consistent flipside of what’s happening to AK. You have parents easily dismissing their child’s esports dreams, and more often than not, they are quite skilled in their craft. But because they want their child to be a professional in other more profitable fields, they crush it with prejudice without even considering the alternative.

However, what if, you as a parent, took the same road as AK‘s parents did. Instead of crushing their dreams, supported them and gave them the support they needed.

What could’ve happened if you think about it. 🤔

Of course who am I to say these things. I’m don’t even have my own child. But then that’s why I am presenting AK‘s parents as an example of a what if scenario.

With that said, I’d like to end this brief post with Sir Ronnie‘s closing statements:

In whatever they choose to do, be it video games, be it basketball, you just have to be there with him. So whatever he chooses to do, be it Tekken, be it swimming. Anything it would be. He won’t lose his way. Because you’re guiding him.

Because at the end of the day, all we want is for them to not lose their way right?

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