Predator is now ArkAngel PUBG’s Title Sponsor

Predator has announced that it is now the the title sponsor for ArkAngel‘s PUBG Team after it’s very strong presence in the PUBG competitive scene.

The ArkAngel PUBG team was able to rank 5th in the PUBG Southeast Asia region and was able to win the PUBG Predator League championship slot last January. The team also placed 7th place in the Predator League finals in Thailand last year, all within the first year of it’s formation.

We are overwhelmed by the support of Predator not only for ArkAngel but also for the entire Filipino gaming community

Said by ArkAngel co-founder Danry Milag.

The ArkAngel PUBG Team is composed of the ff.

  • Danlo “Mad Dog” Noya
  • Christian Joy “Ceejay18” Estrella
  • Yves “Killa” Navarro
  • Kirk Robin “Momonjii” Amable
  • Mark Christian “Unexpected_” Dedal

We’re a team that’s just a year old so we’re really excited about this sponsorship. Personally, monitors have always been Predator. It’s really the best in gaming electronics,

Said the 19-year-old Mad Dog, ArkAngel team captain.

Predator is very proud to sponsor the country’s top PUBG team. We’ve always believed ArkAngel would be a worthy addition to the Predator family,

Said Predator Sales and Marketing Director Sue Ong Lim.