Here’s a Look at the Nintendo Area in ESGS 2019

There’s a lack of one brand when it comes to the previous Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, and it’s one of those brands that I’ve personally invested money and time on. But this year, Nintendo made it’s presence felt with the big setup they have done in this year’s ESGS.

The venue hosted freeplay areas for released games such as, Link’s Awakening, Breath of the Wild, Harvest Moon: Hard Dash, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Mario Odyssey, Mario Party, and Just Dance 2020.

While I loved the idea that Nintendo has it’s presence I personally wish that they were also selling products on site. They actually had stage time but showcased trailers and videos of games that we already seen online.

Hopefully, they actually have a ore solid and bigger presence and that they actually bring in more new stuff for 2020. I mean it’s pretty understandable that they weren’t able to showcase even, Pokemon Sword and Shield (since it’s going to be released just a few weeks later) or even allowing people to not record Just Dance 2020 since it’s going to be released literally just a few weeks too.

I know that we’re not even supported properly that we don’t even have the Philippines in the Nintendo Eshop.