One of the major exhibits for ESGS 2019 is the Predator gaming booth. Despite being nestled at the back of the SMX halls, it is one of the exhibits with the most foot traffic in the event. Here is why.

Predator has given four challenges for attendees to accomplish. First, they have the VR Vanguard game, wherein a person has to get most kills in the longest amount of time they possibly can. Weapons and shields can be equipped by stroke commands, all via VR.

Secondly, they have a racing area, where the player can choose to follow and discover roads, or wreck everything in their path.

Thirdly, they have a free-play area, where one can experience the latest online games such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and DotA 2. And lastly, they have the Thronos, where the Pacify game is on and aims to provide the player with comfort and style while undertaking a challenging game.

The order in which the exhibit can be accomplished may depend on the person and the availability. But, in all the stations, Predator has provided state-of-the-art monitors and peripherals. Aside from this, experiencing all the stations gives the player a chance to win exciting prices from Predator.

What’s more, Predator is holding several events in the booth, with influencers and pro-gamers such as the Gosiengfiao sisters and team ArkAngel gracing their stage. They also have a Happy Hour wherein buyers can get up to 50% off in the Helios 500, Triton 500, and Triton 700 laptop models.

Check out the Predator exhibit at ESGS 2019 in SMX Convention Centre until October 27.

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