Wednesday Devo: Working Hard

One of the things that I really like about Izuku in Boku No Hero Academia is how he accepts where and who he is. That even though he has received the quirk One for All, he needs to work harder than everyone. He knows that he is at a disadvantage to get into U.A. High with all the naturally inherited applicants with quirks.

Can't just get in Can't just get in1 Can't just get in2

The art of being grateful is already a lost art in today’s time. Instead of being grateful for everything that we have, we complain of the things that we think we should have. Instead of finding ways to be a better person, we find it easier to bring other people down. We don’t find any merit for working hard to be a better person. Instead, we find the art of pulling down someone else so we turn out to be better a more convenient option.

That’s why I find myself confused with people who are like what I earlier mentioned being teary-eyed with inspiring videos. Videos of people working hard and attaining things in a future date because of the hard work they invested. I find it confusing these people they find inspiring aren’t really doing anything spectacular. In fact, these people in the videos are doing the menial, sometimes dirty if not ignored tasks people take for granted. These videos actually, are the type that makes you question your own actions. Yet, that question is being ignored because being that kind of person in the video is just too gosh darned hard to do.

This is why even with all the crying Izuku does against scary and sometimes impossible situations he sees himself in. I am still rooting for the guy, just because he fights to be worthy of what he has received. He sees the need to work harder than everybody else. He answers that need with action, with hard work.

Own Effort

So how about us? Are we ready to change our lives for the better? Or are we following the destiny of other people ending up bitter?

Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.
– Proverbs 12:11