Digital Walker Launches New Concept Store to Help Consumers Decide on What to Purchase

The information age has given us a truly amazing gift of giving us information with just a few swipes of our fingers. The problem with that gift however, is that we now have too much information that it paralyzes us on actually buying anything. The indecision paralysis is a familiar situation that’s common to us buyers. Digital Walker, is providing us a cop-out in these moments with their latest concept store, Hive Mind.

Located on the third floor of the Trinoma Mall, Hive Mind is Digital Walker’s answer to buyers who can’t seem to decide on what gadget they’ll get. The Hive Mind works by providing customers the top 10 most sought-after accessories as well as the top ten brands that make their list. With their lists refreshing at the start of the month, you can now have an idea on what people have bought in their respective categories from the previous month.

General Store Look

Hive Mind’s categories include the top ten of the ff: Speakers, Iphone 6s+ accessories, Iphone 6s accessories, headphones, powerbanks, macbook accessories, ipad, cables, general mobile accessories, Ipad air and Ipad mini accessories. Their top ten for the month is taken from a consolidated list of sales from each Digital Walker store. This would then be reflected to the Hive Mind so that they buyers like us can get an idea on what other people purchased the month before.

So if you’re interested on what people have gotten from the last month, you can now check Hive Mind’s top 10.

Here are also some of the shots I took during the launch: