Top 5 Noir Movies to Watch on a Date

Noir is a very comprehensive and complicated movie genre. It appeared at the beginning of the 1940s. Mostly noir movies are very sad, pessimistic, and full of distrust and criminals. Yes, noir movies may not come in handy if you want to meet Eastern European women and keep her interest. But after the beginning of your relationships, good noir movies can help you deal with boredom that, as you may know, is the worst enemy of love and happiness. Today, we are going to share with the top 5 noir movies to watch on a date.

  1. Sunset Boulevard 1950

This movie was filmed in 1950 by widely known director Billy Wilder. You may find many starts that were popular in the past. For example, Nancy Olson, Anna Q. Nilsson, and Lloyd Gough. The plot will tell you a story about a young writer Joe Gills who is being chased by his numerous creditors. He has reached the bottom of his life and even has nothing to eat. This is a story about men who believes that his life is over. Of course, the plot is full of sudden moments that were put there to keep your interest. This may not be the most romantic movie in the world, but definitely one of the most.

  1. Double Indemnity 1944

This is another movie directed by Billy Wilder in our list. The plot of this movie will tell you a story about one greedy insurance agent whose name is Walter Neff. He will have to take a trip to extend a car policy for some mysterious Mr. Dietrichosn. But this story is not about some paperwork. The main character will meet even more suspicious person, Mrs. Dietrichson, the wife of Mr. Dietrichson, and she will make him an offer he can’t refuse. You will see how one small greedy man takes the first step towards eternal darkness.

  1. The Third Man 1949

Another very interesting movie with a rather provocative ending that we would like to share with you on our list was filmed in 1949 by famous Carol Reed. The plot of this movie will tell you a story about the author of novels for tabloids. The main character’s name is Holly Martins, and she hopes to find a good job in post-war Viena. She expects that her old friend Harry Lyme will help her by sending an invitation. Very soon, she will learn that the day before sending this invitation, he died in a very suspicious accident. All the more, the police claim that he was a very dark person who had connections with the mafia and was responsible for speculations, and racket. Marta wants to conduct her investigation because she is sure that he was killed and that his killer is still nearby.

  1. The Maltese Falcon 1941

Do you like detective stories? If you like the previous movie from our top, then you simply can’t afford to miss this masterpiece. The Maltese Falcon was filmed by John Huston in 1941. This movie tells a story about private detective Sam Spade who wants to find a missing statue of the Malta Falcon. According to the plot, this relic was created in ancient times and possessed the power to control people, nations, and whole countries. Of course, his hunt for this ancient priceless relic can’t be anything but deadly. This is a very nice movie with interesting, smart and full of mysteries plot.

  1. Touch of Evil 1958

Orson Wells, who filmed this movie in 1958, and wanted to bring something new and fresh in the dying noir genre. Unfortunately, noir movies were not very popular at that moment, so this brilliant movie didn’t hit the top. The plot of this movie tells about a small town located near the border between the USA and Mexico. In this movie, you will see more than two main characters, including a Mexican drug-dealer named Miguel Vargas, his innocent wife Susan, and police officer Hank Quinwein. Miguel managed to make his fife immerse in crimes by drugging her. Even worse, the American police officer has begun working on Miguel selling drugs from him. As you can see, this is a very emotionally hard movie that asks more questions than gives answers.