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Have you ever wanted to visit the world of Pokemon? well now you can! Not really, but you can get these posters and make it look like you did. The Pokemon Company has recently release a Destinations series of products, which includes stickers, journals, tumbler, backpack, and posters. These posters are going to be the focus of today’s post. There will be one poster for each series in Pokemon from Kanto all the way up to Alola, and feature iconic locations and landmarks from each place, with a hidden pokemon in each of them. Can you CATCH them all? haha.

The Kanto poster features the famous S.S. Anne with Lapras swimming along side it. The Johto region has the famous Bell tower with the legendary Ho-oh in the sun set. Hoenn has the Mossdeep Space Center and opposite of the Johto, has Doexys in the moon instead. Sinnoh has the massive Mt. Coronet with Giratina sitting on top. The Unova region has Zoroark on a balcony overlooking the Skyarrow bridge. The Kalos region has the ever famous Prism tower with what I think is Hoopa flying nearby. Last but not least is Tapu Koko chilling on the beachside on Melemele island in the Alolan region.

I’d be happy to receive any of these as it looks like it can brighten up any room.

You can check out the posters and the store here.

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