BattleCON Online, The best fighting game on steam?

Okay, I could be exaggerating the game, but it definitely deserves to be up there.

BattleCON Online is a strategy fighting game developed by Level 99 Games. It was originally a tabletop game, but then was recently launched last Wednesday on Steam. The mechanics are still the same in which players will choose a combination of Style, and Base cards. Both players will have the same base cards, but depending on the fighter they chose will have different styles. Kinda like how Hulk and Iron Man can do a ranged attack but differently. There are 4 main stats on these 2 cards that will be added together to create your unique move, Range, Power, Priority, and Stun Guard. These stats are fairly straight forward and make the game that much easier to understand.

The game is a lot of fun for me, despite the high mastery curb. I’ve played like 10 games i think and have only won once, but that win was glorious, being able to properly read your enemies, and act accordingly is one of the best feelings in this game. Currently the game has 19 fighters with 2 of them being exclusive to this.


If you’re a long time fan of this series, I suggest you try it out, it makes teaching the game very easy as there is less to think about with the game moving the pieces for you, and If you haven’t played this game before, I suggest you try it out, and is very relaxed apart from the trying to read your opponent. Also did I mention it’s free? Yep that’s right you can play this game for free, and earn in game currency to unlock said fighters. If you aren’t fluent in the English language, don’t fret, I’ve heard from a very reliable source that they plan to add other languages to the game.

And also thank you to the guys from Level 99 for providing us with these awesome artworks.