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The Batman Director Releases 3-Minute Footage for the Upcoming Film

New footage for the upcoming The Batman film by Director Matt Reeves has recently been released for us to enjoy. This is in response to a recently released leaked footage.

The new footage released by Reeves is a three-minute video in all of its 4k glory. The video gives us a peek of what of what to expect in the film. Shown in the footage is Batman as his multi-billionaire persona Bruce Wayne (portrayed by Twilight actor Robert Pattinson), attending the public funeral of Gotham City Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. (played by Rupert Penry-Jones).

Original Tweet by Matt Reeves

The footage gives us an eerie, almost horror film look into the film as Paul Dano’s The Riddler orchestrates an attack on the church funeral with a runaway car rampaging through it. It also features Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon (our beloved future Police Commissioner) and Peter Sarsgaard who plays Gotham City District Attorney Gil Colson

Watching this footage will really give you a feel for what the film is going to be like.  It also makes us more excited about how it will all turn out.

The film itself takes some inspiration from the Batman Year One comic book. This is shaping to be the longest feature film of The Dark Knight. Clocking in at two hours and fifty-five minutes or almost three hours. 

The Batman by Director Matt Reeves is set to be released this March at your nearest cinema.