Team Group has released three new products from the T-Force gaming series: T-Force T1 gaming memory, T-Force Vulcan Z gaming memory, and T-Force Vulcan high-speed gaming solid state drive. The T-Force T1 gaming memory’s unique look is specially designed for entry gamers with patent color printing, and special ink in a racing des, while the T-Force Vulcan Z gaming memory sports cooling performance that perfectly protects the memory. T-FORCE VULCAN high-speed gaming solid state drive has focused on overall details and offering large capacity and high speed read/write performance at the same time. All three products have inherited the unique and classic design of T-FORCE gaming series, which makes building your own pc cooler than ever.

T-Force T1 gaming memory’s impressive racing style was created using exclusive patented color printing and special ink, the racing design enhances the overall style of the DIY PC. The selected high-quality IC chips are exceptional in durability, stability, and compatibility, allowing gamers to have excellent combat status on the battlefield of eSports. T-Force T1 gaming memory supports both Intel & AMD platform.

T-Force Vulcan Z is the new gaming memory released by Team Group. Made by a 0.8mm thick, one-piece alloy aluminum with superconductivity – thermally conductive adhesive, it is able to completely enhance the effect of heat dissipation and protect the memory, so the memory can operate with excellent efficiency and stability. Vulcan Z gaming memory’s IC chips are selected through rigorous tests. just like the T-Force T1 gaming memory it also supports both Intel & AMD.

T-Force Vulcan high-speed gaming SSD has an exquisite, lightweight and compact aluminum alloy case. T-FORCE’s exclusive LOGO in the middle shimmers in a unique style. T-FORCE VULCAN high-speed gaming SSD has a standard 2.5” form factor with 7mm in height. It uses 3D NAND flash memory chip. Maximum up to 1TB of capacity is available and the read speed is up to 560 MB/s, which shows its exceptional performance. Whether it is for laptop or desktop, the upgrade can be done in a blink of an eye, and you are one step ahead of everyone else.

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