Six Things We Got From the Street Fighter Resurrection Trailer

So with the release of the Street Fighter: Resurrection trailer, we are set back a decade forward from Assassin’s Fist. With that I was hoping to dissect some of the things teased for the upcoming miniseries:

1. Ken and Ryu are back


Mike Moh and Christian Howard Reprise their roles as Ryu and Ken Masters from AF.

2. Kolin will be there


As mentioned by the Resurrection wiki page, it would seem that Amy Johnston is part of the cast with no credited role just yet. We then see her in the trailer seemingly donning the attire of┬áKolin, who the page announced as part of the cast. So it doesn’t take a genius to see that she’ll probably be Kolin in the mini-series.

3. Decapre will make an appearance


Another cast mentioned in the wiki is that of Decapre but with an unknown actor credit. One of the playable characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV and one of the M. Bison’s dolls. As for M. Bison however, his appearance is still uncredited.

4. Laura is present


Laura is seen skulking around the same area our next item of note will be mentioned down the line. And on a later scene in the trailer too it seems that she comes into contact with Ken and Ryu for a possible team-up?

5. Nash is back


Alan Moussi is cast as Nash who is donning his Street Fighter V look. And of course it seems like that he’s out for M. Bison’s blood so more likely he MAY make an appearance.

6. Weird looking device


With an emphasis on friends, foes and power. This little trinket will seem to be the focal point of the miniseries. Though as mentioned by the VO during the trailer when this was revealed:

You will bear witness to the first demonstration of a super weapon like no other

So this may be connected to either Gill’s Illuminati group or Shadaloo. But right now we are still in the dark as to what this is so it’ll be exciting to see how the story goes on March 15.

Did I miss anything? What are your thoughts on what will happen in Resurrection? Sound off your thoughts on the comments below!