Purchasing Using GCash at PlayStation by iTech

During the opening of the PlayStation Store by iTech yesterday, I was given the opportunity to test out the GCash QR Code payment system to purchase any of the items they’re got at the store.

With the QR system all I needed to do was to have money on my GCash account and have a store allow payments using GCash.

All you need to do is check the store has this:

The interface from the app makes things easier and practically everything can be seen at the home page of the app.

Once you scanned the QR code, input the amount you need to pay, and have the reference number sent over to the store which is shown on the app and the SMS you’ll be receiving after paying.

And viola, that’s done.

The experience was fun and smooth enough that me and Gio was able to buy a PlayStation 4 Controller and a PlayStation shirt. And being one of the few early purchasers we also got to take home some freebies like a black PS4 shirt for Gio and a CoD Infinity Warfare watch.

And that’s practically it, you can try out using the GCash through their latest QR stores aside from the PlayStation Store. Meanwhile you can check out the ongoing GCash promos right here.