Nintendo Finally Releases Newest Console, The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally revealed their latest game console, formerly known as the NX it has now been given the name Nintendo Switch, which is very fitting knowing that the main feature of this console would be able to play on the go or even at home on the TV.

The features of the Nintendo Switch includes removing the side panels which house the analog sticks and buttons from the game pad, and transferring to the portable screen portion, when on the go. judging from the video it looks like the portable mode can handle up to 2 players using one side panel per player in a way like the wiimote is used, the controllers are wireless as well. portable version looks like it sports wireless LAN feature, which is to be expected nowadays.

Along with the hardware features, Nintendo also teases what games can be played on it which includes Skyrim, new Mario 3D game, Mario Kart, and never-before-seen on third party game on Nintendo, an NBA title.

The Nintendo Switch will be available on March 2017 as stated at the end of the video