Netflix’ Ultraman Season 1 Coming Out This April

Fans of the Ultraman series are in for a treat as the first season of the 3DCG adaptation of the Ultraman manga hits Netflix this coming April 1st.

For those unfamiliar with the upcoming series, this Ultraman tells the story of Shinjiro Hayata, the son of Shin Hayata, the first Ultraman.

Decades ago, a hero front he stars left this world in peace. Now, the son of Ultraman must rise to protect the Earth from a new alien threat

Based from the trailer we’ll be getting two other Ultramans aside from Shinjiro so that’s going to be a interesting development. And to be honest this is my first time watching an Ultraman show since the last one I watched was Ultraman Dyna (which pretty much shows my age hahaha).

Ultraman is procued by Production I.G. and Sola Digital Arts.