MSI Cracks OLED Burn-in Code, Offers 3-Year Warranty Header Image

MSI Cracks OLED Burn-in Code, Offers 3-Year Warranty

MSI, is tackling the notorious OLED burn-in issue head-on. This means gamers can finally enjoy the stunning visuals of OLED without fear of permanent screen damage.

Goodbye Burn-in, Hello Peace of Mind

Forget industry standard warranties – MSI boasts a groundbreaking 3-year guarantee on all OLED panels. Yep, that includes protection against the dreaded burn-in. Their cutting-edge OLED CARE 2.0 technology acts as a virtual bodyguard, actively detecting and preventing static elements like logos and toolbars from leaving their mark.

Unleash the OLED Beast

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled picture quality, vibrant colors, and lightning-fast responsiveness that only OLED can deliver. Choose from a range of sizes and features to match your gaming style, from the expansive 49-inch curved display to the versatile 27-inch option.

Innovation Never Sleeps

MSI isn’t just solving problems, they’re pushing boundaries. This commitment translates to unparalleled experiences for all gamers.

Limited-Time Bonus

Snag a $100 Steam Voucher with any new MSI QD-OLED monitor! Time to upgrade your setup and conquer every challenge.

Don’t let burn-in fears hold you back. Experience the future of gaming with MSI’s revolutionary OLED monitors!