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Persona 3 Reload Fans Celebrate Launch Party in the Philippines!

Persona 3 Reload‘s debut in the Philippines was nothing short of electrifying! Over 150 passionate fans converged at the TNC High Grounds Cafe in Quezon City, enthralled by SEGA‘s day-long celebration. But what made this event truly legendary?

TNC was dressed with Persona 3 Reload!

Immerse Yourself in Persona 3 Reload

Fans eagerly got their hands on the revamped RPG, among the first to explore its re imagined depths. Dive deeper with friends, capture unforgettable moments at the Persona-themed photo booth, and relive iconic battles.

Test Your Skills & Win Big

Challenge your Persona knowledge and battle wit against fan-favorite influencers! Show off your prowess and snag exclusive merchandise to commemorate your victory. Feeling lucky? Enter the thrilling draw for amazing prizes that’ll level up your Persona 3 Reload experience.

A Sea of S.E.E.S.

The venue brimmed with excitement, buzzing with the energy of a dedicated community. Every participant proudly sported the official S.E.E.S. armbands, creating a united front that celebrated their shared love for Persona.

Persona 3 Reload Fans Celebrate Launch Party in the Philippines! P3R Cafe KV

Your Persona Journey Continues

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