Long Live Play PH Brings in Pokemon and Other Video Game Plushies

Fans of the Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Monster Hunter franchise can get to enjoy iconic characters in real life in the form of the various plushies that Long Live Play PH is selling through their online and on-site store.

Here are some of the pics that they have of the various plushies:

long-live-play-ph-plushies-pokemonception-images-dageeks long-live-play-ph-plushies-chocobo-and-pokemon-images-dageeks long-live-play-ph-plushies-evee-images-dageekslong-live-play-ph-plushies-tigrex-images-dageeks

So far, what we’ve seen were Pokemon plushies that includes the first three kanto starters (Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle), an Eevee, a Chocobo, various Pikachus and the adorable (only in this form) Tigrex from Monster Hunter. The prices range from 600 PHP┬áto 1,200 PHP for the various plushies. If you’re interested, you can just head to the Long Live Play PH facebook page or to their U.P. Town Center store.