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Part of Huawei’s lineup of very useful gadgets is the Band 4, a digital wearable device. In a nutshell, the Band 4 is a watch, heart rate monitor, and activity monitor. However, it has other very useful features, which I will detail below.


The Huawei Band 4 is unassuming, looking merely like a wrist band or a digital watch on the wrist. It has detachable rubber bands, available in pink and black. When removed, the device reveals a USB plug, which can be connected to any generic port for charging. Being waterproof for up to 50m, the Band 4 will continue to function even through water and sweat. I was confident enough to be able to bathe with the device on my wrist, and it continues to work like a charm afterwards.


The Band 4 was able to go for almost a week with 100% charge, which eliminates the tedious chore of charging devices for use. In fairness, it runs several processes at a time, making six to seven days seem strong enough for battery life. Being connected to the phone via Bluetooth, the Band 4 transfers data to and from the phone, monitors steps, sleep patterns, and heart rates, serves as a notification device for when the phone is out of reach, and a homing device for when the phone it is connected to goes missing.

Well, someone needs sleep.

The device is further maximized once the Huawei Health application is installed on the smartphone. All data from monitoring is collated into the app, which are then given interpretation with corresponding advice, depending on the data. The device also has the option to notify the wearer when they go for over an hour without moving or standing up from a sitting or lying position, subtly promoting activity to its wearers. The device’s watch face can also be changed via the app, giving users the freedom to choose the face that suits their preferences.


Without a doubt, the Huawei Band 4 is a no-nonsense multi-functional wearable that caters to the modern user’s needs. Its simplicity is its strength, and it shows the moment the user gets it and plugs it to the electric source to charge. The wearable device, in all of the features listed above, can be purchased at 1,890 php SRP.

However, for those who are looking for more specific monitoring, such as what part of the foot makes majority of a person’s steps or for how they are doing when playing basketball, Huawei has the Band 4e for it, which Haoson experienced, here.

Huawei Band 4
Build Quality90%
Promise Delivery96%
93%Overall Score
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