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GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd has launched the world’s first tactical gaming monitor, the AORUS AD27QD. Heading into a new market, AORUS is well prepared and confident that the exclusive features on the monitor can give gamers the tactical advantage they need over their opponents, now with G-SYNC compatibility.

If you are not only looking for a smooth gaming experience but also a beautiful display with vivid colors, the AORUS AD27QD tactical gaming monitor has you covered with its IPS panel.

The AORUS AD27QD tactical gaming monitor is designed with lots of unique features. One of them being able to update the monitor’s firmware through the internet. GIGABYTE has already released their first firmware update for evolving your AD27QD tactical monitor to the next level.

Virtual 4K technology can help your game console output 4K resolution on a non-4K monitor. This technology solves the issue of game consoles not supporting 2K resolution. If you don’t have this technology on your monitor, you can only choose 1080p resolution with your 2K monitor, which is a huge waste of hardware. With this technology you can output 4K resolution on your 2K monitor, letting you have better picture quality and better gaming experience.

AORUS has also officially released a crosshair pack letting gamers to have more choices for their crosshair if they don’t want to draw one themselves. With such a variety of crosshairs, gamers can find the crosshair that suits them the most, which helps them aim faster and improve their reflexes.

In the crosshair pack, you can find 4 kinds of basic crosshairs used from a variety of game titles. Do you love to use round crosshairs from Overwatch but also love to play other shooting games such as APEX Legends which doesn’t have one? The crosshair pack can solve all this problem. AORUS delivered 12 crosshairs in this crosshair pack so carrying your favorite crosshair from one game to another is not a fantasy anymore. You can download the crosshair pack here.

Once you’ve downloaded the crosshair pack just follow these simple steps so that you can use them in your favorite shooter.

  1. Use the OSD sidekick software to import the crosshair you want into your monitor.
  2. Click on the crosshair slot that you want to edit then click the edit icon and you’ll open the crosshair edit panel.
  3. Click the import button on the panel and choose the crosshair that you want to import and then click save.

Once you have done these 3 simple steps, the crosshair that you chose will be imported into the monitor.

AORUS AD27QD tactical monitor also has an export function. Just click on the export button on the edit panel and you can share your customized crosshair with your friends and create a unique crosshair of your own.

If you would like to know more about the AORUS AD27QD, you can check it out on the AORUS official website.

For other GIGABYTE products, you can go here.

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