Geek Talk: Captain America: Civil War

With the release of Captain America: Civil War, Here’s our latest Geek Talk and it’s all about what’s happening with Civil War. Me and Uforanges share our thoughts about the movie.

Writer’s note: The conversation is directly taken from Facebook so grammar nazis and all that can just leave if you can’t stand shortcuts and bad spelling.

Me: And yes WS is better as a movie overall pero yung springboard to CW and the fact na you didnt feel they actually won sa dulo

UFOranges: di ba? :))

Me: Tumaas respeto ko ke Zemo, Hahaha kasi alam ko parang ganito rin peg niya sa comics compared to the animated versions?

Uforanges: Kala ko nga it’s gonna be another mandarin pero I’m glad na their “greatest villain” so far was a civillian. He isn’t operating as part of an org hugot nya is from a civilian situation ung means lang nya ung extraordinary gusto nilang ipakita na sa dami ng collateral damage, this kind of evil can come from anyone. It’s a big difference from DC kasi eto talaga nag-aanchor sa humanity e.

Me: Yung sinabi niya na “an empire that is destroyed from the outside is easily rebuilt, its the one the crumbles from within that is totally destroyed

Uforanges: It’s not about power. you will always be vulnerable to your past and your choices regardless of how strong you get best line for me is kay wanda

Me: Which part? Sorry nakatitig lang ako sa legs ni olsen Hahahahah

Uforanges: “They will not understand you. only fear you”
“I don’t have to control their fear. only my own”

Me: Tsaka yung approving nods ni sam and bucky nung kiniss si sharon. Bwahahaha approving nods everywhere

Uforanges: They were very classy with their gags this time around

Me: Onga eh, it wasnt much. Pero ramdam mo yung humor

Uforanges: Not that the past weren’t good. eto lang tlga ung“you cannot poke a hole in this because you know this was appropriate”

Me: “Couldnt you’ve done that earlier?”
“I hate you”

Me: Sinabi nga ng friend ko after ng movie. This couldve been bvs if centered ang conflict. Hahahaha! The movie became less of the actual “civil war” and more of the characters talaga

Uforanges: It’s not the comic context na kasi e. I’ve learned not to associate things na with their previous labels :))


Uforanges: MCU already has a life on its own e, and it’s doing really well. you dont need to be a geek or have backing knowledge to really appreciate what’s going on

Me: Exactly

Uforanges: Kaya tuwa rin ako na they dont use the big-title heroes or villains a lot

Me: And they just dove in with it. Kaya napaka vibrant ng mcu ngayon

Uforanges: Yiz. I mean, who cares if it isn’t dark regardless of the gravity of their situation. You know they came from darkness. We all saw their struggle. This is them beating that darkness

Me: And yan yung hindi pa kaya ma kuha ng tama ni DC ay this point

Uforanges: So you cant fault them for trying to be casual or funny. This is their escape

Me: That madterstroke talaga ni zemo. Akala ko nung una nako thunderbolts na ba to. Biglang headshots. What.the.hell. ANO BA GUSTO MO MANGYARI

Uforanges: I expected it na :))

Me: Hahaha

Uforanges: It was very brilliant nga e. Both in lore and as a plot device. Kasi it really goes back to the original avengers movie na their greatest enemy, the greatest evil isnt some overpowered shit na they have to destroy together. it’s always been themselves

Me: And I like yung analogy ni vision, rather computation ni vision, yung it started with the FIRST iron man film
when tony stark called himself ironman tumaas ang escalation, tumaas yung armed conflicts, tumaas yung world-ending catastrophies and it all started with Tony Stark. I also liked yung thrust ng MCU na si Tony talaga yung ginagawang center ng world destruction while Cap works as the one that unites the world

Me: May narealize lang ako sa characters. Si tony yung sobrang pinipilit niya maging center ng lahat, he’s slowly losing it, and pinakita sa end ng CW na he almost lost everything. Si Rodgers naman, hindi niya pinipilit maging center, kaya lang because of who he is people really just gravitate towards him and at the end he gained everything instead.

Uforanges: Pero inversely

Me: Panong inversely hahaha

Uforanges: Since guilt driven sya, tony is more focused on consequences kahit late. So he’s alwas thinking of what the future holds cap on the other hand is a right here right now guy. Mejo entitled sya na parang just coz you feel na something is right doesn’t mean na it is the totally right or smart thing to do

Me: True. Mas future thinking si tony compared to rodgers pero hindi mo parin madeny ang logic ni rodgers lalo na when you looked back on what he said during AoU. Kaya nagkakaroon ng dictators dahil sa ganun.

Uforanges: Yup, and i think nasa bias na rin un e

Me: True

Uforanges: Kasi subconsciously people are more inclined to be teamcap

Me: Hahaha yeah. I can’t really fault tony for the paths he’s chosen with what he’s seen, what he’s experience
pero sobrang nakikita mo na yung cracks sa kanya ever since the first avengers film, Iron man 3, AoU and now this
parang slow descent to madness ni tony. Pero he’s well meaning

Me: Paul Rudd, he stole the show =))

Uforanges: Is bae

Me: Every single time na he says something
“do i hear another voice?”
“This is your conscience speaking. We haven’t talked in a while”

Uforanges: Feeling ko nga the writers let them write some of their own lines tom holland is a patootie, hhnnnggghh


Uforanges: I want to step on him to see if he’ll squeak

Me: Is that a metal arm? That’s AWESOME!

Uforanges: Mr stark mr stark! i got his shield!!

Me: And yung you haven’t fought much kid?
“Don’t speak too much!”
“Yeah Thanks!”
I never thought i’d see a legit spiderman character wise sa live action

Uforanges: Kaya sana jk simmons (as J. Jonah Jameson) uli :))

Me: Marissa Tomei, didn’t think I’d ever say na ang hot ni aunt may

Uforanges: Ah lol, I’m more of, hey you guys are together in a movie again :))

Me: Onga eh, pinoint out nga ng friend ko anong movie yung nagsama sila?

Uforanges: and this is really just a middle finger to the other studio, Especially after the whole sally fields thing

Me: What’s with the Sally Fields thing?

Uforanges: Only you, Sally fields complained na she hated her character as aunt may

Me: Yung sa Amazing?

Uforanges: Yup

Me: Lol, and CW is a movie na talagang pwede panoorin ulit hahaha no arguments there

Uforanges: I watched it a third time :)) kinikilig pa rin ako

Me: Yung Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie chemistry as the bash brothers ni Rodgers, grabe nakakatuwang panoorin

Me: And binump out talaga si ihnumans for spidey. WAZZAP TICTAC! The now most famous not twin olsen

Uforanges: More of most relevant :))

Me: Hahahaha!

Uforanges: Since apparently the twins are big in the fashion world

Me: Onga pala, the more relevant, natawa ako dun sa exchange ni paul rudd and Scarjo eh
“I dont want to hurt you”
“I’m not gonna stress about it”
Then boom!
higa si widow eh

Uforanges: Alam mo bang for every instance na may gawin sila
black widow: me “I YAM THE GHOST IN THE SHELL” (for reference head here)
black panther

Me: Gandang springboard din talaga ni Black Panther at ni Spiderman

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