Dyce N Dyne Hosts a Sherlock Mystery Night

Board game cafe/bar Dyce N Dyne is having a Sherlock Holmes Mystery Night this coming Wednesday night.

Set in the theme of Sherlock Holmes, teams of three (with a max of 4) will have to compete in a choose-your-own adventure style of game. Where teams would have to figure out clues left in a casebook and use the clues in it to determine where to go next in their investigation.

Dyce N Dyne Sherlock Holmes Mystery Night Poster DAGeeks

The mystery night’s objective is to interpret the clues at each location and arrive at a solution as quickly as possible. The team that has the least amount of leads used will be crowned the winner.

Entrance is set at 350 php. You would also need to be present on the event on or before 8:00 P.M.

For more info, you can head to the event page.