Complete Tree of Savior Dungeon Drop List

Players of Tree of Savior know how important dungeon runs are. With the dungeon run limit set to two for non token users and three for those who have them. It’s really important that to know which dungeon we need to get into to maximie those attempts.

So,┬áthe people (or person) behind the fanpage, Tree of Savior Tips & Tricks has provided an easy visual guide for the various Dungeon Drops we could get. Theguide also tells which map has the NPC so we don’t need to look for the map out of the game anymore. So instead of wasting time queuing for a dungeon that doesn’t have the drop we are looking for, we can at least have the luxury of setting our dungeon runs in a more efficient manner.

The creator has listed down all the dungeons starting from level 50 up to level 240.