DAGeeks Visits, Long Live Play PH Kiosk @ UP Town Center

We are not at the mercy of looking at pictures on their facebook page anymore. We can now finally hold and even test some of Long Live Play Philippines‘ items at their┬ákiosk located at the UP Town Center Phase 2 building near Filbar’s.

DAGeeks Visits Long Live Play PH Kiosk Image(19)

The Kiosk, is hoe to the numerous items Long Live Play PH has that’s already part of their Facebook catalog. But what’s more, you can now see and feel the numerous, swords, toy guns and other trinkets that they are selling instead of just drooling at them on your screen.

You can in fact, find their other items at the kiosk that aren’t even uploaded yet at their fanpage. The kiosk also has a test area where you can play around with some of their items to see how it pans out.

Just like what I did when I tested one of their toy guns (I suck at it):

Yeah, I was terrible. Stop it.

Anyway, here are some of the other items they have when I visited the store:

For more info on Long Live Play Philippines products you can just head to their fanpage and ask them directly.