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A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of holding the newest phone from the Max Pro series of ASUS Zenfone, The ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2. The M1 was hailed as the battery king while also having a great gaming experience as well. This time the M2, while still keeping with the long lasting battery and gaming capabilities, aims to reach out to the others such as camera enthusiasts and those who really want the best media experience when watching their favorite shows.

Now when I did get to hold it, I didn’t get to fully check out all the features. The front of the phone was mostly screen, about 90% of it according to the presentation, meaning there was a notch, which I’m not really a fan of, though this could easily be remedied by the app developers designing their UI with these kinds of screens in mind. On the back is a 12mp rear camera with a 5mp secondary for portraits. It also features a fingerprint sensor, which is one of the features I find myself using most on any phone, whether for general use or a joke about facial recognition/voice recognition.

The phone also features a glossy metallic look now in Cosmic Titanium and Midnight Blue, which gave it that classy look, though I will still be putting a case around it because of the fact that my finger easily left some prints on them. The phone was also very light, considering all the new parts and features it had, while still keeping the 5000 mAh battery in it. The Zenfone Max Pro M2 came installed with the stock Android, which although did make for ease of use because of familiar UI, wasn’t groundbreaking.

They say First Impressions are very important, and boy does this phone leave a mark. With its sleek new design and its newly added features. I’m hoping to get to try this out even more and see what else it has in store.

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