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Gaming is now one of the biggest pastimes in the world and the “new normal” is a pretty good reason for that. It doesn’t matter if you’re an enthusiast or a beginner but everyone deserves good, quality gear that can keep you immersed in your game as well as give you the best possible performance.  Of course, price point is also a good indicator of how “good” your gear is and if you can get good performance at a low cost, then you’ve struck gold.

This is where the Andromeda Pink Bundle comes into play. Is this a case where “you get what you pay for” where the product is affordable but of poor quality? Or is this a diamond in the rough?

Panther Rogue-X Gaming Headset

My first impression of the Panther Rogue-X Gaming Headset is that it looks great and seems to of a higher quality than its price suggests. It actually looks like a Razer product from afar and that’s saying something considering that the Rogue-X is at least half the price of your average Razer product.

The pink and gray aesthetic is easy on the eyes and very pleasing even to fans of darker tones. The design is also very standard and the strap is easy on the head regardless of your size. My first session with the Rogue-X was a pleasant one as I was very surprised by how comfortable it was even after a prolonged gaming session.

The metal headband is also quite flexible yet sturdy at the same time. It doesn’t feel “cheap” at all and if anything, the product itself is a good purchase just for that alone. The weight is also negligible because it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. That aspect might turn some people off but I personally like it’s weight as it is.

The earmuffs feel good around the ears and they don’t chaff or scratch your skin even when you sweat. While they are bigger than average, they are also soft and were designed to fit any ear shape possible. I usually have a problem with earmuffs but Rogue-X is probably already better than most of its similarly priced products in terms of comfort and design.

While the headset’s noise-cancelling features aren’t really comparable to more expensive options, the excellent ergonomics allow the user to stay immersed in their game at a more affordable cost. The microphone is also well-positioned and though it can’t be fully adjusted, it’s still flexible enough to be positioned where you need it to. The microphone’s quality is pretty good and functional and I had no problems communicating in audio-heavy games such as Valorant.

The headset also has a 3.5mm audio and microphone jack as well as a USB cable. While the audio and microphone jacks are self-explanatory, the USB connector is for aesthetic purposes only. Yup the lighting for the headset is separate and you need to plug in the USB connector to a port of your choice in order for the headset to light up. This was a particularly negative point for me but it didn’t really negatively affect my experience with the product.

The sound quality, on the other hand, is entirely based on preferences if I may say so myself. Audiophiles will most definitely not enjoy this headset but gamers will find it adequate for their needs provided that they aren’t full FPS gamers. The Panther Rogue-X is stereo so games that rely on directional audio will such as Valorant, CS:GO and even Crossfire Online will not work well with the Rogue-X. The headset does work well with listening to music and in playing other games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

All in all, I think that the Panther Rogue-X is an excellent budget headset and while it doesn’t sound like the best headset in the world, it’s at least built well and it looks great and best of all, it’s priced at an affordable ₱2,000.

Panther Beyonder Gaming Mouse + Panther Cosmic Mouse Mat

Whenever I think of budget gaming mic, I always imagine “light” and “feeling cheap” and these two keywords are more often true than not. I was enlightened, however, by Panther’s Beyonder Gaming Mouse. It feels just right. If I had to pick what the best part is about the Andromeda Pink Bundle, it would have to be the mouse.

The Panther Beyonder is an excellent PC Peripheral that can be vastly underestimated because of its extremely affordable price. It has a few DPI settings between 300 to 3200 and the Beyonder features the Huano Clicker Switches, which are more tactile than other mouse switches in the market. This is an excellent mouse for playing FPS games like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

That’s not to say that the Panther Beyonder is unplayable for MOBAs and other types of games though. My experience with the mouse was nothing short of excellent and I had a great time playing Valorant and Far Cry 5 with the Panther Beyonder and that’s saying a lot because I’m used to playing with premium gaming gear and in my opinion, the Beyonder does not fall short of its more expensive counterparts.

If there’s anything that can be a problem, in my opinion it would have to be the braided cable. I don’t know how they made these mice but the braided cable seems to tangle up whenever I’m not looking. It takes a while to untangle but it isn’t so bad that it negatively affects the performance of the Beyonder in any way. It’s just quite annoying.

I’m also happy to say that the Panther Cosmic Mouse Mat is exactly that, a mouse mat. It works well and is an excellent accompaniment to the Beyonder. It’s large, it doesn’t seem to get easily dirtied and it performs and feels like an expensive mouse mat from Razer or whatever other brand you can think of.

Based on the price of the bundle, however, it seems that the Cosmic Mouse Mat is bundled in for free as the Panther Beyonder Gaming Mouse is priced at a neat ₱1,900 and the Panther Cosmic Mouse Mat is priced at ₱650.

I was also informed that this bundle is exclusively available to CX Blanc and even if you were to try and order this particular bundle from Panther Gaming, all they would do is refer you to their partner. My experience with CX Blanc on this matter was extremely positive as they were more than happy to answer my questions as well as requests for better-looking images as I’m not a very good graphic designer or photographer.

Should you buy the Andromeda Pink Bundle?

I think that if you’re a gamer looking for more bang for you buck then the Andromeda Pink Bundle is an excellent starter kit for your gaming needs.

The Andromeda Pink Bundle is priced at ₱3,900 with free shipping throughout the country. You may order or contact CX Blanc’s 24 hours customer service at or you can head here to check out and order the bundle.

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