An Animated Castlevania Adaptation is Coming to Netflix Later This Year

We are yet again in that moment where we are hoping that another video game adaptation would hopefully not break our hearts. This time, it’s one of the classic action-platformers that will be on the chopping block.

With details about the whole series such as what timeline would it be using, when will it be coming out and who will be the people working behind the scenes. I’ve tried to collate every detail we have so far which was taken from various sites such as Screen Rant, (I know right), io9 and The Globe and Mail.

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming series.

  • It’s an animated series
  • It’s going to be written by Warren Ellis (by io9)
  • Adi Shankar is on it, most probably as producer (Executive producer for the Dredd movie (<3 it so much), and the gritty Power Rangers Short)

and also he teased about producing a “super violent Castlevania mini-series” on his FB wall waaay back in August 26, 2015

  • Adventure Time’s Frederator Network is on board (by The Globe and Mail), for those who don’t know what Frederator Network is, here’s the link.
  • Warren Ellis wrote the animated series (by The Globe and Mail as well)
  • The series is confirmed even for a 2nd season coming next year

Hopefully the mini-series would bring justice to the source material. Because so far, the only really decent video game adaptation so far was the Mortal Kombat movie waay back in the 90s.