Acer CloudProfessor Powers DOST’s IMake.WeMake 2018

A few years ago the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology(DOST) started a competition called IMake.WeMake to help promote the use of science and technology, as well as encouraging young filipinos to create and innovate.

This year the DOST has decided to run the campaign again, this time in partnership with Acer Philippines. With the new Acer CloudProfessor the contestants can now easily apply programming to their solutions. I know personally how hard it is to code, and that even one little typo can ruin the whole thing. That’s where the Acer CloudProfessor comes in, with it’s wide range of built-in codes these young filipinos won’t have to worry about those little mistakes and can focus on the bigger things.

The Acer CloudProfessor toolkit combines hardware, software, and the Cloud to make coding easy to learn and apply for students ready to bring their inventions to life. Using any smartphone, users can easily start coding with JavaScript, LiveCode, or Google’s Blockly anywhere even without a desktop through the CloudProfessor app. Each pack will contain the CloudProfessor unit with eight application packages for the students to test with the provided sample code, which they can mix & match based on their preferences.

We devised CloudProfessor to be the tool that can make coding easy and fun. Eventually, this will enable more and more Filipino students to become adept in coding, which is a necessary skill to thrive and excel in a tech savvy work environment.

Manuel Wong, Acer Philippines Managing Director

Teams of 3 students can submit their prototype proposals in food safety, education, health, security and disaster mitigation using the CloudProfessor as the main platform. Qualifying teams will be trained on CloudProfessor to help in developing their prototypes. After training, these teams will present their final output and three of them will receive prizes and awards.