Final Fantasy Brave Exvius x Star Ocean: Anamemsis

Just a few days ago Square Enix Ltd. announced the collaboration of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius with Final Fantasy VIII. Now they’ve brought more to the table with a new collaboration with another game, Star Ocean: Anamemsis. This collaboration will only be until August 9, so if you want to get all the Star Ocean goodies, you better act now.

Star Ocean characters Fayt & Rena, who first appeared in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, have now been enhanced and upgraded for the everyone else to enjoy, and are available through the featured summon. Fidel and Roddick will also be available through the featured summon, Reimi, will only be available through a raid summon. During the collaboration period a new raid event will be made available, where players will battle against Jie Revorse from the original Star Ocean game to obtain raid points to unlock different rewards.

Further information on the collaboration can be found on the official Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Facebook page.