A Look at HistoryCon 2017

On first glance, History Con looks like a mess of things. You have sports fans on one side, comic book geeks on another, car aficionados walking about, and artisanal foodie fans enjoying random foodstuffs. It had one of the broadest mix of audiences I’d ever seen, and I was tempted to label it as confused and lacking identity, before I realized it did have something. History Con was the most eclectic bunch of nerds (or geeks) I’d ever seen.

The one thing that unified everyone at History Con was their passion and love for specific niches of culture – both modern day pop culture to vintage/historical aspects of culture. The unifying trait was that everyone there had a great heart for what they were interested in. Whether it was motorcycles or vintage watches, board games or vinyl records, they shared that passion for finding and enjoying the unique and quirky things that tickled their fancy.

The convention itself felt well-organized. There were a lot of floor activity stations to be found, a lot of shops catering to all the nerds walking around. I noted a number of special activities, such as talk sessions with guest celebrities of the History Channel, tackling their unique shows and features. They had big floor activities and shows that ran at periods throughout the day as well.

While the basic ticket price, (250 PHP) is on the upper end of average for most conventions, the floor and its activities felt all right. If only there was a bit more in the way of rest-areas, but that’s a usual thing that conventions struggle with. History Con was an interesting and fairly fun experience, either way, a jaunt through a veritable United Nations of Nerd Nations.

For more of the shots taken from the event, you can check our HistoryCon 2017 Album here.