Popular Cosplayer Hakken Debuts Theme Song for Moonlight Blade M in Southeast Asia! Header Image

Popular Cosplayer Hakken Debuts Theme Song for Moonlight Blade M in Southeast Asia!

Get ready for an epic collaboration between the hit mobile game Moonlight Blade M and the beloved cosplayer Hakken!

A Rising Star Meets a Legendary Game

Hakken, a Malaysian cosplay star with millions of fans, has been named the official brand ambassador for Moonlight Blade M. This exciting partnership brings together a game steeped in rich oriental culture with a rising force in the entertainment world.

Inspired by a Classic

Moonlight Blade M, based on the legendary martial arts novel “The Magic Blade,” has taken the world by storm. This immersive mobile game goes beyond just battles and quests, offering a captivating cultural experience. Collaborations with celebrities in fashion, music, and tourism showcase the game’s diverse appeal. Moonlight Blade M has even partnered with renowned singers like Michael Wong, Dimash Qudaibergen, and Taeyeon, solidifying its global reach.

Hakken Takes Center Stage

VNGGames, the renowned distributor behind Moonlight Blade M, announced the exciting news at a recent press conference. To heighten the anticipation for the Southeast Asian release, they’ve tapped the multi-talented Hakken to perform the game’s official theme song, “SWORD DANCE.”

A Global Debut for Hakken

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Hakken’s career. Their first global single, “SWORD DANCE,” will be available for streaming across all platforms starting May 15th! The song perfectly complements the launch of Moonlight Blade M, and the music video will be released alongside the game.

Dedication on Display: The Making of “SWORD DANCE”

Hakken is known for their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to fans. Their musical journey reached new heights last year with a leading performance at a prestigious anime symphony concert. This new single, “SWORD DANCE,” was produced by rising Malaysian music stars Gaston Pong and Roland Lim. The collaboration between these talented artists promises to elevate local music onto the global stage.

Beyond the Music: A Breathtaking Music Video

Hakken’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the recording studio. The “SWORD DANCE” music video features Hakken in stunning 360-degree shots, bringing an anime-like experience to life. Their dedication is evident – from maintaining rigorous workout routines to enduring long filming days.

Exclusive In-Game Mount for Hakken Fans

To celebrate this exciting partnership, VNGGames and game developer Tencent have created a special global exclusive mount just for Hakken! Fans and players in the Southeast Asian version of the game will have the chance to ride a sleek black horse adorned with Hakken’s signature “H” logo, adding an extra layer of excitement to their Moonlight Blade M adventures.

Don’t Miss Out!

Mark your calendars for May 15th! Hakken’s debut single “SWORD DANCE” and the launch of Moonlight Blade M are happening across all platforms in Southeast Asia. Stay tuned to the official channels for more updates!