Rampage 2016 Estimate Event Schedule

With the League of Legends Rampage just literally a few days away. The Rampage microsite has posted the estimated event schedule so that attendees can figure out what they would need to get to first. Or if they are going to miss anything.

Rampage 2016 Event Schedule Image DAGeeks

So far, even the site is telling that there’s a possibility that the event schedule would change and that’s expected. With a big event like Rampage, you need to really allocate time for delays and what not.

Here’s a short list of other on-site event that we can expect this Saturday:

Walk-in cosplay

It’s heyday for cosplay as prizes and freebies await cosplayers who will join in on the celebrations and bring our beloved champions into life! Aside from the Honorary Wandering Champions contest where individual cosplayers can show off their out-of-this-world creations, you can also take home additional freebie champion skins when you come in on semi-cosplay – whether wearing your favorite Teemo Hat, Blitzcrank hoodie or simply a piece of your champion’s, we’ve got something exciting in store for you!

Play League of Legends!

You might be cheering for your favorite pro teams battling it out for the Pro Gaming Series 2016 Summer championship title or for our idol celebrities duking it out onstage but you yourself can be part of the action and dive into the Rift as we’ve set up a PC café at the tent hall where you can play League of Legends together with your friends and fellow summoners. On top of that, get the chance to show off your League prowess and strive to keep your crown in the King of the Hill tournament or join the Proving Grounds challenges and prove that you’re the best Botlane Duo, Assassin, Mage, or Fighter there is!

Check out the tournament mechanics here: King of the Hill | Rampage Proving Grounds

Take photos!

Great moments are meant to be shared and with tons of fun activities and happenings throughout the day, we would love to see your photos and videos reliving the biggest League of Legends event in the Philippines. So bring out your cameras/mobile phones and snap away summoners! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GGWPRampage2016

To find out more you can head to the Rampage Event fanpage for more details.