Player One Ghost Gaming Chair

When talking about a gaming setup at home, one of the more less talked about but integral component is the chair that you will be using. Gaming as a hobby (le gasp), would have you sit down for long hours in front of the monitor shooting baddies left and right (or clicking them gone whichever you prefer, which isn’t really important at the moment) you can’t just have your usual monobloc chair as your go to chair.

As people advanced in age would attest to it, Monobloc gaming shouldn’t be a thing for your sake and for your back’s sake.

This is where gaming chairs come into play. Ask any gamer out there right now, you can immediately have a varied response among the number of preferred chair brands. And for this post, I’ll be focusing on the recently arrived Player One Ghost Gaming Chair.

Before I continue on with this experience post, I would need to give you an idea that this would be my first time thoroughly experiencing a gaming chair for an extended amount of time. Being that I never really got hold of one for this long, so please take this post with a grain of salt as I’m just going to share my experience.

So moving on shall we?

What is Player One?

First thing’s first. Player One is a new player on the gaming gear business. Started around this year by former thesis mates, now partners. The brand is a Philippine based company that aims to

provides users with products that exudes ingenuity and class with emphasis on design, creativity, and comfort.

And their first product for the Philippine market is a gaming chair named, Ghost.

*You can check out the Player One fanpage here.


As the brands first ever product released for the Philippine market, the Player One Ghost Gaming Chair aims to provide not just a gamer chair that you can use for extended hours, but also a chair that you can use comfortably in a professional setting. As seen from it’s simplistic black toned design, it’s a chair that you can easily order for the office that can double as your gaming chair during play sessions.


Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Unboxing and Live Build

Finally! We are starting the unboxing and live build of the Player One right now!With of course Haoson

Posted by DAGeeks on Thursday, 21 February 2019

For someone who has built a gaming chair for the first time, the experience with working on the Player One Ghost was a bit tedious and daunting. Though, this is brought more because I was doing it on my own rather than asking for help from others. Since the chair itself has pretty heavy components, it wasn’t as easily as I thought doing this solo would be.

However, the instructions were really easy to follow. Since I’ve had background with following instructions by following model kit instructions, I think that the Ghost’s instruction was simple enough to follow by someone like me. However, I’d think that if someone has no experience at all in building a gaming chair would require a more comprehensive instruction manual than just following pictures which can tend to be confusing for an untrained eye.

Build Quality

If there’s one adjective I’d like to describe Ghost, it’s going to be that it’s a sturdy piece of furniture. Though it should be expected with a brand that prides itself to have products that produce coziness, function, design and practicality for the price. It definitely delivers these with the Ghost and then some.

All the components easily fit, but since some of them are really heavy like the backrest, it is highly advisable that you build this with someone who actually has weight and is able to carry heavy stuff for a time.

The Ghost comes with height and lean adjustment, and you can even set how firm the chair is going to be when you lean on it. It has all the basic strappings of what you can expect from a gaming chair except RGB.

It can easily support my weight (I weight around 220 lbs as of this post) without issue, that I can even have the backrest adjusted flat out and make the chair as a bed (which I do not highly advise cause the bed is still more comfortable than the chair).


As a chair geared towards the professionals who are also gamers, the Ghost outshines other brands that I’ve seen so far. Instead of the more gaming/racing inspired stripes you can see in other brands, Player One Ghost has a more professional look with it black color and it’s white stitches scattered all throughout the chair. You have the option of not putting on the head rest with just the Logo or you can remove it and see the Player One in words on it instead.


One of the biggest selling points of the Ghost is that it’s one of the most comfortable chairs that I’ve experienced so far. I’ve had this chair for around six months now and I can’t even see myself gaming or working without the Ghost being my chair. The back rest is so comfortable that I’ve even “accidentally” slept on the chair during streams (please don’t report me). The Lumbar support, on the other hand felt weird for the longest time since there was never an indicator on how to put it on the chair properly. However, once I got used to it, it felt weird to use the Ghost without the lumbar support at all.

Another thing that I had to get used to was the Ghost‘s seat. For thicc guys like me, the seat was a bit too narrow and I had to get used to the feeling that my thighs would get hit by the seat edges. Though it doesn’t mean that it hurt but it was uncomfortable for a few days.

On the other hand, one of the more prominent pieces that Ghost has is the head cushion. I’ve had a few tries with other brand’s head cushions, but the Ghost‘s is the most comfortable one I’ve experienced so far. It was soft enough that I can use it as a pillow.

Price Point

The high quality build and comfort the Player One Ghost doesn’t come cheap though. Priced at 14,995 php (in Lazada at least), the Ghost comes with a hefty price at least in comparison to other brands that have chairs priced below 10,000 php. However, considering what the Ghost brings in to the table, I see it as a good enough exchange.


The Player One Ghost is a chair that successfully delivers whatever promise of a comfortable and professional looking chair. Though there’s a caveat when it comes to the comfort part as I’ve used the chair during the hottest periods in the country, it’s pretty much expected that you shouldn’t even be using a gaming chair in a hot environment.

One of the chair’s greatest assets is that being a local brand, the after sales support of Player One is fast and responsive. I’ve had to experience that one too myself since I’ve kind of broken the backrest of the chair during the duration of the experience.

If you’re looking for a chair that feels high-end and provides a comfortable experience and isn’t afraid to spend a little more than the usual pricing of entry-level gaming chairs, then the Player One Ghost is a must have chair for you.

Build Quality
After Sales
Promise Delivered
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The Good
Solid chair frame
Comfortable head cushion
The Bad
The seat could've been a bit wider for thick thighs
Better laid out instruction manual