Indie Fiesta Games at ESGS 2018

At last year’s ESGS I like to look at the up and coming games from indie developers, and this year is no different. In this article I’ll be listing down the games I tried/saw at the Indie Fiesta so far. These games aren’t listed in any order.

Nairi: Tower of Shirin

Nairi is a game developed on the Nintendo Switch by HomeBearStudio and published by Another Indie. The game is an point and click adventure following the story of Nairi after her parents have died. It’s a simple gameplay with a very interesting story, which is what the game is all about.

Street Feud

When I read the name I expected a game about fighting, maybe even fighting foods. Instead its a restaurant game but instead of the usual suspects like udon, burgers, hotdogs, or ramen, instead Chryse, the developer of the game, went with a classic Filipino theme, and went with street food.

Over Easy, Egg Jump!


developed by Taktyl Studios, the game is a mobile game where players control an egg that is trying to get from ledge to ledge, but how? by jumping. The game has one simple thing to do to play the game, tap, hold, and release. the longer the hold the higher/farther it jumps. The game is pretty easy to grasp, but hard to master so I suggest you give this game a try when you visit ESGS 2018

Pollie Potts

developed by Of Dragon Science, this game is a shooter, adventure platformer. players take control of a redheaded girl, going through the caves. I had the pleasure of trying out the demo, the game controls were easy to grasp, and figure out. It wasn’t too difficult, and had great map design letting players observe the obstacles from safety as they plan out how to approach it. sadly the game ended just as it was getting good so that’s all I can say.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

developed by DARK STAR, published by Another Indie, First impressions the game felt kind of like Darksouls, though all I did get to try was fighting a very difficult boss, controls were easy with dodge rolls, heavy, and light attacks, as well as switching between weapons and support items.

9 Lives

ESGS is well known for gaming, and it encompasses all types, even tabletop gaming. 9 Lives is a card game based around cats. Each player is essentially a cat each with 9 lives, and the goal is to be the last one standing. there were some wacky cards with different artwork, but I liked the chips best which also has another use apart from being a lives counter.

Shots Fired

A game by Chryse, and published by Another Indie, this game isn’t about shooting guns, but instead using your camera to take pictures of the targets found on their imaginary website FuzzBeed.

Data Breach

A stealth game by Chryse where players control what I’m assuming is a spy trying to steal data from companies.

Brawl Quest

a fighting game for mobile phones, kinda reminiscent of Final Fight, using screen taps to move and fight

Berlin Magsaysay’s Combatron

published by The Epic Gaming Regiment, A lot of hype has been surrounding this game, and it’s actually very fun. the game is very simple with a play a card, and whoever has the higher value wins. The game changes up with the addition of assist cards to power up the next fighters, or even give advantage via card reveals.

The Bread Adventures of Butter

developed by the minds of Team Blue Orange, this game is about a man named Butter, who is basically a living emoticon with a sideways face on an upright body. the game features breads on a conveyor belt, and your job is to eat them after spreading butter. The game honestly felt like it could do well with some rhythm mechanic, which one of the developers has agreed with me is being discussed.

the Crop Circle Warriors

developed by Top Peg Studios, its being demoed with a controller, but as I played the game felt more like a mobile game with the buttons and joystick projected on the screen. It’s a shooter-platformer game. I personally had troubles with the controls, it would ahve been nice to have someone to help me, or even some controls printed and shown on the table.other than that the art looked really good, with the controls and mechanics being really fluid.

,io games have been very popular as of late, more recently the, and they have been simple and fun games, usually online. is different in that first its an offline game about what I assume is a hacker responding to the emails to a certain corporation. usually 2 choices, the straight answer, and the wacky fun answer. The game is pretty fun, but making the choices is a bit of a hassle with the use of the choices having codes that players need to type.

Pawikan Patrol

A tabletop game based around the illegal poaching and accidental deaths of sea turtles. for 1-4 players, you go up against the poacher, as you try to prevent as many deaths as you can, by picking up trash, or rescuing the turtles, and their eggs.