Have you ever thought about what your dream home would be like? maybe a hot tub, or a huge living room or even a walk in closet. Well, Rebel has a board game that can satisfy that desire in a fun filled drafting game for 4 players through Dream Home.


In your copy of the game you will have 1 token board that contains the decor tokens and reference cards for each player. You will also get 4 House boards, 1 for each player.Underneath these boards you will find the plastic insert, designed to look like a house, with a brick house pattern. Inside of it you will get the Game board, the resource cards, Room cards, First player marker, and a paper pad for use in the scoring phase.


The game starts with the game board with each white card slot filled with the appropriate resource and room cards. players take turns taking a pair of cards from a column and placing the room card on a slot in their house. There are rules to placing rooms. First rule is that you can’t place a room in a slot that has an empty space below it, Next is that the room card must be of the correct type(Normal room or Basement room). once every player has taken cards from the board any remaining cards will be discarded and the first player marker will be given to the player that took the left most column which gives the player a room card and the marker instead of a resource card. This goes on for 12 rounds, which is when each player’s house is completed. houses will be scored based on the white rectangle on the cards, and other milestones for the house building. On each card you may have noticed that there are some with more than 1 number on it, These are the expandable rooms. Rooms may be expanded by placing cards of the same type next to each other. A living room may be expanded up to 3 rooms long. A 1 card living room gives 1 point, while 2 card living room gives 4, and a 3 card living room gives 9. Rooms can’t be expanded more than what is written on the cards, nor can you start a new room of the same type next to it, should this happen the card will be place face down and be made into an empty room.


The game is great fun, and easy to teach as well. Normal games last from 30-45 minutes on average, as long as players know what they are doing. The game is well balanced with the functionality scores and the matching roof tiles as well. players may get bored in between turns since there aren’t cards that directly affect others in the game. I also wish there were more rooms, because after a while you feel like you’ve made every type of house you can think of, as well as there being a lack of interaction between players apart from taking a room they might have wanted, or taking the first player marker, but these are minor nuances to an otherwise fun game.

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The Good
Easy to teach/learn
Well organized Box
The Gameboards
The Bad
Not much variety in room cards
May get boring in between turns
Scoring takes a while