Authority Hoodie Features Pokemon Inspired Jackets

Just in time with the ongoing celebration of the Pokemon 20th anniversary. Authority Hoodie has released a series of Pokemon inspired jackets for those looking to get into the whole Pokemon vibe. I was given the opportunity to see the products first-hand and you can see below the pictures of the Bulbasaur and Squirtle jackets.

Aside from the hoodies, AH! Also partnered with Snapsacks to complete the ensemble with at aptly partnered bags for each hoodie. The Bulbasaur jacket is paired with the big plant seed bag similar to the one Bulbasaur has on it’s back. Meanwhile, the Squirtle jacket also has a partner Squirtle shell bag. The pair costs 1,990 php but you have the option purchase the bag and jacket separately. It’s a bit heftier though with the bag selling at 900php while the hoodie is sold at 1,390php. Aside from the Pokemon themed jackets, I was also told that AH! Will have something big in store for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. So watch out for that as well! You can head to the Authority Hoodie fanpage for orders and other questions.